The Jekyll and the Hyde’s formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the summer of 2016. Following a troubled past, Chris Forsyth changed his life over six months and focused all his energy into song writing. Chris contacted Adam Goertzen to make amends from a damaged friendship and disbanding of “slurred statement”

Adam’s new-found passion and enthusiasm for the new material reconnected the bond between the two of them that lead to the final production and writing of the album “Roll on”, which is also known as “the infernal merry-go-round project”

Phillip Campbell recently moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, in August 2017 after accepting a position which required him to relocate. After months of “not picking up his sticks” Phillip made an effort to reach out to local musicians. There was some interest in his effort and Chris quickly jumped at the opportunity to arrange a meeting with Phillip. Immediately there was an instant connection and a life time bond was created.

Steve Silver met Chris Forsyth at Joe’s Garage in Transcona, Manitoba, during an audition for a Reggae band. The presence of Steve’s musical ability stuck with Chris for many years, with his unique style and versatility, Chris approached Steve to join “the infernal Merry-go-round project” which produced the album “Roll on”. Steve Silver from day one has shared a Genuine immersive passion with fellow band members.

Jekyll and the Hyde’s:

Chris Forsyth - Vocals/Guitar
Phillip Campbell - Drums
Adam Goertzen - Lead Guitar
Steve Silver - Bass

How do we get our sound?

We are a Canadian rock band. It all starts at the back of the bus, and tears its way off the stage like a wall. Thick punchy drums with a jazzy tight icing and thick clean bass lines.